I got an oblique pen holder for calligraphy. I'm not feeling significant difference yet, other than I don't have to rotate my paper at an angle. 

I had multiple boxes of pens. Think chocolate tin as boxes. It had been annoying since whenever I have to look for a specific pen or tool, I had to open up 4 or 5 boxes just to find it. I didn't have a good organization method, or more importantly, SPACE, to spread out all the tools in any meaningful way.

I finally deal with this problem by getting one of those plastic drawer things. They are actually modular and can be put together in any combination. I managed to sort most stuff into these drawers. I technically still have more, such as brushes that are too long for this, tubes of paint, or other miscellaneous tools that are just designated in the stacking plastic tubs forever. 

I think I still have a long way to go in terms of organizing. Either that, or I just throw some more of it away.

I signed up for an online event for kazetsuyo, so I think I will be finishing a comic by the third week of October I hope. My brain has been empty, so I find it difficult to draw comics. It's more like I have the image in my head, but can't concentrate on getting it done? The event is on pictSQUARE, so I made the tiny gif avatar and the room.

Also planning to print the cat book for November. I have to polish up the pages that I already have. I feel like I'm reaching the end of materials, so printing it right now would be good timing. So I guess I'll attempt to go to Expozine, assuming that it will not be cancelled due to covid.

There's another event in HK that I may end up drawing a one-shot BL comic for. I have a vague idea or theme that I could work on, but what is plot? I like stories that have more concrete events or plots happening, and not only a vague talking of feelings. I don't know, I will really have to think on this.

Meanwhile I'm helping Eric on colouring. I still find it strange how I end up colouring things for people? How do I get more colouring jobs?

I don't really have anything interesting to say right now. I pulled out a calligraphy nib to try and do more flourish type calligraphy. Except that I couldn't find the pen holder that fits (I am still living in boxes of stuff after moving in May, because of the lack of space), mostly feeling too lazy to sort through everything just for a pen holder, and I thought this old Hello Kitty stick eraser would work, and it does. DIY pen holder alternative!

Such shaky calligraphy.

I used to tweet a lot a few years ago, until social media got very depressing in a way like, I don't even want to say anything at all, just tweet the art and call it a day. It also gets somewhat mendoukusai to have to reply to people sometimes when I don't have anything particular to reply. So maybe I should just blog instead?

Paraphrasing Teoh, he mentioned in his yt video that there are much more merits in blogging than posting on social media (especially instagram) for artists. I can't help but agree. I'm getting social media fatigue? I'm also not really sure what I am trying to gain from there? Though I am still on twitter a lot. Albeit lurking.