Since I decided to move back, so I will have to declutter and get rid of anything that I don't want. I already did part one last year, and successfully got rid of a lot of stuff. But I still have a lot. It is going to be a big headache.

I'm actually thinking about throwing the old screenprinting ink away. A lot of it must be dried up by now. Will I paint in oil again? Should I get rid of them? I honestly don't know. And then there are also a bunch of old paintings that aren't precious enough for me to do anything with it, other than it being a document of my development.

And then just regular life stuff.

I can probably get rid of a lot of kitchen stuff as I will no longer need them. They'll be doubles back home.

I'm finally in the process of binding this book. It took me long enough to get it printed. I finished it at the wrong timing of holidays, and then due to another covid wave, the print shop was not open. And then it almost happened that they ran out of toner when I went, and they had been waiting for the toner to ship for a month and a half or something... but he got it printed on the black toner of the colour printer....  I'm just binding all the books now. T_T

Do I need to make a post about new year resolutions so I look back and find out whether I would have the same goals a year later? Honestly it's more like a to-do list.

  • Finish colouring
  • finish toning ncyk / turning it into a book etc
  • print cat book
  • finish the other comic
  • keep up with fitness boxing
  • start running again when weather permits
  • actually read the books I bought and keep a book log
  • throw out all copies of the book of grandiose lies
  • reduce carb consumption
  • draw more

There could be a lot more but is that being over-ambitious...

The further I work on this, the more unsure I become. Is unsure the word? More like I am sure that this is not good. 😂 What is this feeling...

When I draw fan comics, a lot of settings are already ingrained, and things just flow very naturally. But when I work on original comics, there is always something that I think that are lacking, and I don't think I ever drew anything original that I felt was just right. Though at the same time, it took me very long even for all my fan comics to feel right.

I am looking forward to pose maniacs to come back. I really want to go figure drawing but they are all still cancelled.

I installed Disqus, say hi if you are actually looking at this blog :3

I am working on this right now, I should just get it over with. But also like.. maybe self-doubt getting to me that I don't want to look at it. but also at the same time I'm obligated to at least finish it... so I shall finish it. Tentatively called "Not a Cat Boy!"

I need time to actually think harder about future comics so I don't run into this problem of not wanting to keep drawing it halfway through. At the same time, don't overthink and this would be the exact type of silly story that is fine as it is...